These works make up a minimalist Fine Art work, on buildings in the city of Montevideo and other cities in Uruguay. The images presented in the form of almost drawings on a texture of watercolor paper allow us to see details of its architecture that, otherwise, would be overshadowed by the colors, brightness and reflections, which are common to the photographic image.
Abstract photography, despite being practiced almost 200 years ago, has not found a space within the generality of photography. Photographers such as Man Ray, Moholy Nay, Vitoria-Gasteiz, Chema Madoz as some of the best known of the 20th century have worked on abstract photography; however, there is no consensus on a discipline that is not governed by the parameters established in photographic art.
Photoreport about the forest fires that occurred in the province of Corrientes, in the Litoral region of Argentina, in February 2022
Almost invisible characters, who live in an ignored marginality and who wander through life seeking their sustenance, are portrayed in this photo report that tries to give them visibility.
User Can the landscape determine us? Can the body copy the landscape or space? Can a body point in space? Can a body be still? Can a body be indifferent to the landscape? Can a body be a cutout of that landscape?
Nestled in the Puna Salteña, in the high Andes Mountains in Argentina, in the middle of one of the largest salt flats in the world, there is a peculiar volcanic formation that has been, and is still today, a place of ancestral ceremonies and myths: The Cono of Arita
A young couple faces an accident after their marriage. The young athlete, who lost his left arm, thanks to the love of his wife and his children, faces pain, fear and frustration. They experience Resilience every day.
Declared in 2008 as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in Mexico, the commemoration of the Day of the Dead has pre-Hispanic roots and celebrates the memory of the deceased with visits to cemeteries and colorful offerings: "Celebrate the life lived, instead of lamenting the death that "
A scenic journey that tells us about rural life in a ranch nestled in the wild landscapes of Patagonia Argentina.
The Jaqichasiña ritual, which in Aymara means the commitment of two people to the community or is also understood as 'becoming a person' within the thakhi (communal path) or a cycle of growth.
The drama of those who lack the most basic and necessary element for life and the right to health, and of those who show solidarity with them and act from their professional activity to help them.
The pain and abandonment in the final hours of a man sent to die at home, documented by his own son, between the frustration and resignation of the family that could only accompany and comfort him until his death.



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