The pain and abandonment in the final hours of a man sent to die at home, documented by his own son, between the frustration and resignation of the family that could only accompany and comfort him until his death.
On International Forest Fire Fighters Day we pay tribute to these heroes forged in the fight, motivated by their spirit of dedication and dedication to service. May 4, 2022
“Now little snow falls, what are we going to do when the snowfall ends? Only a black mountain will remain." 3rd Prize of the Latinamerica Sony Professional Awards.
We present the winning essay of the First Prize in the prestigious international contest "Sony World Photography Awards" in its category "Latin America Professional Award", sponsored by "The World Photography Organization".
Throughout the years my profession allowed me to visit inhospitable and spectacular places in the Andes and Argentina, these landscapes being my greatest inspiration and incentive to enter the world of photography.
At the beginning of the Carnival festivities in the town of Uquía, in the Quebrada de Humahuaca, province of Jujuy, Argentina, a particular ceremony is held by the locals for 80 years and consecrated as one of the most traditional and popular from the country.
An essay that records one of the deepest and most powerful emotions of nature expressed in the oldest and most primitive form known since the dawn of humanity, "muralism", as defined by the author of the work.
"Camadas" is a documentary photography project that focuses on those soldiers who were in the rearguard of the South Atlantic conflict, in different areas, committed to the security of the big island of Tierra del Fuego.
This series shows us the passion of a group of young people from Bolivia who combine the practice of skateboarding with the clothing of their ancestral culture, changing the perception and stereotypes about the "Cholas" of the Bolivian highlands.
New York Streets is a compilation of portraits and street scenes shot by photographer Jane Levine on the streets of New York City. Her subjects are characters and situations where the author sees reflected nuances of her own story and that she defines as self-portraits.
I find no other way to express myself and get to know myself, other than in my self-portraits. I love each one of them, because in each one of them it is me: pure, fragile, insensitive, hurt, emotional... Everything!
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Porn Stills is a visual ode to a form of media culture that most of us indulge in at least sometimes - that of pornography. Using quirky, dreamy 'screenshots' taken with his digital camera, photographer von Babel tries to distill the essence of the genre.



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