About Aude Osnowycz

Francia / France
Graduated in political science and geopolitics of armed conflicts. After several trips to Haiti to cover the 2010 earthquake, I devoted myself entirely to photojournalism in 2011. Based in Tunisia, I covered the Arab revolutions in the Maghreb and the Middle East for 4 years. I also covered social issues related to gender, the issue of women and religious minorities.

In 2015, I decided to return to Europe and work on a more documentary and artistic approach with long-term projects. Originally from Ukraine, I therefore began a long work on Russia's European borders, the militarization of children and the Putin generation. This project took me 5 years of work and allowed me to better understand the post-Soviet space from which I came.

Through my various reports, I have traveled many times to Africa and the Caribbean (Haiti, Senegal, Kenya, Swaziland and the DRC) and I was particularly touched by the artistic dynamic and the very special atmosphere in the DCR.

At the same time, my photographic evolution has led me to rethink my work, turning to more artistic forms, including the portrait technique.

I generally choose neutral backgrounds in order to highlight faces, looks, movements without the viewer's eye being polluted by overloaded backgrounds, this type of photo also allows a more frontal, stronger approach of the subjects.

I chose to be interested in Kinshasa performers, because this subject allows me to combine a very aesthetic image as well as to denounce the political and social problems which undermine and disintegrate the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Here again, I chose to work on neutral backgrounds, because this approach, by its aesthetic character, highlights the work of artists, their approach to art as well as their often intense and extreme vision of the contemporary world.