About Daniel Coitiño

Born in Montevideo, Uruguay, on 1963. Resident in Buenos Aires, Argentina, since 1975.
My interest in photography began at an early age, although it was not until the early 1990s that I began to intensively venture into analog photography. My studies on photographic techniques and composition were self-taught, using used books that I found in the racks of the Av. De Mayo bookstores. Also with fascicles of the encyclopedia “Practical Photography” that arrived in the country intermittently and generally with their chapters disordered. I have done black and white development and enlargement practices in a modest laboratory of my own with basic equipment: a single-reel development tank, basins like buckets and an enlarger, already old at that time, to which I attached the lens of 50mm. from my Pentax K1000.
Towards the end of the ’90s I acquired my first digital camera, a Casio Qv10 with an impressive 2MP. and an optical viewfinder with which I ventured into this new technology that allowed me to combine photographic practice with my other passion, computing.
It was only in the early 2010s that I was interested in delving into the established world of photography, holding workshops and a conceptual course that helped me identify and explore my skills in terms of style, techniques and the language of photography. expression that best suited my idiosyncrasy. I never had a photo accepted in any of the various competitions in which I appeared, and only in the world of photography on the Internet did I achieve some ephemeral recognition.
In 2015 I started with the design and development of an operating platform for a digital magazine, which was released in November 2016 when I published the first issue of Fotoargenta Magazine.