71th Call for Urban & Street Photography




Bases for the 71th Call for Urban & Street Photography

Deadline 29-08-2022 23:59 hs.


71th Call for Urban & Street Photography




•Participation in this call is FREE , no subscription to the magazine is required, all photographs presented are evaluated equally.

•To participate it is necessary to REGISTER or ENTER in the previously created account.



•Can submit up to 6 photos in each call.

•The ACCEPTS will be known within 24 hours following the presentation of each photograph

•Subscribers with PREMIUM and EDITOR plans can request a "Return" or comment on accepted or not accepted photos by a magazine editor


No Subscribers

•Up to 3 photos can be submitted in each call.

•The ACCEPTATIONS will be known from the closing date of the call (in the meantime the photos will appear as "Pending").

•No returns or comments are made on the photographs presented



•The files can have a maximum weight of 5 MB each (larger ones do not upload), with 1200px. on its longest side at least.

•They can be in both COLOR and MONOCHROME.

•Spontaneous and situational scenes, portraits, landscapes, documentary and abstract photographs based on identifiable elements of the slogan are accepted.

•This call is open to the participation of photographers of all levels and from all over the world with no other requirement than compliance with the slogan.

•The photos that appear published in the magazine will be promoted on our Instagram account ( @fotoargenta ) during the month corresponding to the last issue of the magazine.

•Doubts and other inquiries by email to: convocatorias@revistafotoargenta.com



71a Convocatoria de Fotografía Urbana y Callejera de Revista FotoargentA



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