Kinshasa Performers



Kinshasa Performers

Publicado en el Año 5 Nro 12 del mes de Octubre 2021 pág.6


 In the midst of Kinshasa's indescribable social and political chaos, the performers roam the streets of the capital in the midst of horns, dust and pollution, in DIY cosmonaut outfit, covered with ceringues, colored painted dolls, tins, recycled phones, rubber, medicine boxes, etc. in order to denounce pollution, the looting of Congolese wealth, disease, war.Creators of artisanal street art with great creative power, experts in recycling materials, they are the emissaries of a people plagued by extreme poverty and armed conflict.

In Their artistic approach, African Ancestral art is the backbone of all creation. Their masks and their costumes abound with references to ancestors, animal cults, ancestral beliefs. They are the prophets of Africa and no longer a special element in the Congo and the Chauvre Islands.

It is not about the future of the question and the future of the question as if they were the same thing. In this case, the Roots are affixed to the actuaries' palettes.
These attempts to reconcile past and future, ancestral traditions and modern affinities of the contradictions of the statement of the mondanization of many evils and the dehumanization of individuals. From the Performative approach, the goal of performers is also to awaken the consciences often asleep by the deceptive attraction of the benefits of modernity.



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